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Remote Trauma specialises in supporting production companies in the key areas of risk management: safety, health and security. Many production companies have depended upon Remote Trauma's thorough analysis and advice supported by flexible and reliable back up to complete filming safely whether it is capturing footage of gorillas in Rwanda or exhausted recruits experiencing French Foreign Legion training in the Sahara desert. The company has an impressive breadth of knowledge and experience working with large and small productions in the UK and in the remotest and most treacherous regions in the world. It has created a comprehensive portfolio of core products which are tailored for the specific needs of each unique project

As adventurous TV productions continue to push the boundaries of what is possible it is now essential to have experienced and qualified medical support 24/7. Our expert doctors, offshore medics, paramedics and advanced nurse practitioners are carefully selected according to their specialist skills, and their TV production experience. They are regularly and independently assessed to maintain our levels of medical excellence at all times, they are available for long and short-term assignments.


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