The long-awaited production, “The Hottest Place on Earth” which was filmed in Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression is due to be broadcast later this month. Based in one of the world’s most hostile environments, the two-part documentary investigates the area’s dramatic geology and how the Afar people survive in an ever-changing landscape of earthquakes and active volcanoes.

The highly experienced crew, including presenter Kate Humble, was entirely made up of members from the online adventure television database EXPEDITIONMEDIA as it was essential that the team had the right experience to cope with the extreme conditions. A team of skilled scientists was also brought on board to collect samples, monitor deadly gases and capture images from inside the area’s active volcanoes and fissures.

According to Richard Farish, camera supervisor and co-founder of EXPEDITIONMEDIA, “It was a real test of team work and friendship, as we battled against heat, sand storms and illness. However, it did prove our point, that with the right team and kit, virtually anything is possible.”

"The Hottest place on Earth" (BBC/Lion Productions) will be broadcast on BBC One on 19th & 26th March at 9pm.