2021-10-23 Hell on High Water talk Tuesday 27th October.

A 153 day, 6800km human-powered rafting expedition from the Andes of Peru to the Atlantic
Ocean off the coast of Brazil - by far the biggest and longest river descent on earth.
Mark recounts this remarkable journey- battling the toughest white-water in the world, along with tropical diseases, narco-terroristas and the trials of living on a 14-foot raft for months on end - finishing on an awesome river delta that grows to more than 40km wide.

Experience the  changing geography, from 5000m+ mountain ranges, desert river canyons, cloud forest and finally the Amazon Basin itself, complete with jungle cities of 2 million people. Mark and his team mates became just the 4th team and persons 7 and 8 in history to achieve success on such a journey. Daily fear of death due to entrapment, drowning, collision, pirates and disease. Living on the banks of a glacial fed river that had the tendency to raise a couple of metres overnight and below cliffs that popped out boulders in the evening as they cooled down.


“As I sat and cried for the second time in a day, my mind was numb. I was wet, cold, tired and I was beaten. Nathe quietly asked if he could film me. I had to smile. Of course - we could not miss such goodfootage!”
Losing a team mate to an unknown illness, tropical storms, a myriad of tributaries and channels, freighters, oil tankers, banditos and 24 hours a day rowing, just some of the obstacles in their way en route to the river mouth. All these more than balanced out by the beautiful and generous people they met and stayed with on their descent of the river.

About the speaker: Mark is a professional, passionate and a brutally honest speaker, who has presented throughout the UK and Australia. He has lectured to the Royal Geographical Society, various corporate groups and academic institutions. He has explored, guided and paddled in 40 countries, most in developing regions. Expeditions have taken him from the isolated Omo Valley in Ethiopia, down the Amazon River, into the Himalayas and beyond. His next journey will see him solo and on foot in Iran.

The presentation draws upon over 6000 high resolution images to create a stunning slide show using animated maps and video clips with audio. Technical equipment used on the expedition also helps to foster audience interaction.

Talk brought to you by Sky2Sea International and Sam McConnell

Tuesday 27th October at 6.30pm

National Geographic store, London.

2021-10-13 Nat Geo Adventure & SA Tourism Event

Wednesday 28th October

National Geographic LONDON STORE

83-97 Regent Street

London W1B 4EW

6.30 - 9.30pm .

RSVP. [email protected] or tel. 020 8971 9350









2021-09-03 Lost Land of the Volcano

Expeditionmedia member and cameraman Luke Cormack joined an international team of scientists, cavers and wildlife filmmakers who ventured deep into the heart of the remote tropical island of New Guinea to explore a giant extinct volcano - Mount Bosavi.


The team lived deep in the rainforest and searched for the rare and endangered creatures that hide in these forests.


Lost Land of the Volcano starts on Tuesday 8 September 2009, BBC One.




"Papua Guinea was an amazing adventure with incredible people-enjoy." - Luke Cormack

2021-08-28 In Case of Emergency - UTAG joins Expedition Media.

The creator of UTAG was often working in dangerous environments and needed something that could store vital personal data, could easily be seen and identified as containing emergency information and be worn in a visible place.



He needed to carry all the information he felt was necessary to help in an emergency situation in a format that gave him the best possible chance of communicating with emergency services. His solution was UTAG.


UTAG utilises the latest USB technology to give electronic data storage, in a style that is highly visible. It clearly displays the international medical symbol (the snake and staff) and the letters "ICE" an acronym recognised by Emergency Services meaning "In Case of Emergency".


When travelling abroad in particular the UTAG wearer can have the comfort of having any emergency information available in any of 7 European languages and hold secure copies of essential documentation. Why wouldn't you have one?




EXPEDITIONMEDIA is thrilled to have UTAG join as a new member to the site. Click on their homepage advert or go to www.utagice.com  for more info.

2021-08-13 Eddy Izzard runs around the UK for Charity.

Seven weeks, 1,100 miles, blood, sweat, tears and a toenail teetering on the brink.

Welcome to Eddie Izzard's long-distance run around the UK... as the cross-dressing comedian clocks up a staggering 30 miles a day in aid of Sport Relief.

He is already on his seventh pair of trainers after just two weeks but is in no mood to throw in the towel.

Everywhere he goes - clutching the flag of the nation he's running through - drivers honk their horns, passers-by cheer and excitable children join in for stretches of the epic journey.

The public can show their support by sponsoring Izzard via his website www.eddieizzard.com and follow his journey on his Twitter feed www.twitter.com/eddieizzard.

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