So far this year.........

Well after a fantastic end to last year on the search where we were lucky enough to film in some unforgettable locations. From the Taj Mahal at sunrise and previously unfilmed sacred temples in India to actually deep within the belly of the Red Pyramid in Egypt (proper Indiana Jones stuff I can assure you) as well as some amazing Aztec pyramids hidden in the jungle of Guatamala and culminating on Machu Picchu in Peru, say no more. 

After a long and over restful Christmas and definitely in need of  working off the over indulgences, a trip to Uganda was finally confirmed and  I couldn’t wait to join Farish, Goddard, Sarge, Mutley and all the Silver River brethren for the filming of The Mission (working title). The premise of the show was to help a village in southern Uganda become a little more sustainable, a difficult task to do anywhere in Africa as anyone who has been there will know, but with some surprising and satisfactory results. 

My latest trip away was to the Libyan desert, courtesy again of Richard Farish and Expedition Media on Extreme Dreams (read Richard’s blog for more info on that one). Am now back in the sprawling jungle of London (quite inhospitable in parts but great when the sun shines) for filming on the new Peter Jones production called Tycoon. It’s nice to be back in London for the English summer probably the first time in a few years, although I must admit I am getting itchy feet for somewhere more exotic and looking forward to a couple of up and coming ideas being bandied around the expedition  Media grape vine to come to fruition.

 Will keep you posted ‘Till the next one……..

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