Born Survivor / Man vs Wild

Just back from Africa from 2 x 1 hour Man vs Wild for Discovery (Born Survivor in the UK for C4) and its been a real adventure. Its never easy keeping up with Bear Grylls but its damn good fun!

From the Skeleton Coast on Namibia, where to reach my sound kit in a small rib outside some heavy Atlantic breakers involved diving headfirst into the ocean from 10ft off the skids of a helicopter, to rock climbing up a granite slab on Brandberg mountain, and also climbing up a canyon and waterfall in the upper and lower Zambezi of Zambia.

Big thanks go out to Mac Mackay (of Expedition Media) (and Neil) for keeping us all safe on the ropes, and providing all the harnessing to keep us from falling out of numerous helicopters tearing around with the doors off!

And massive thanks to Simon Reay (also of Expedition Media), Diverse Bristol, and Bear for inviting me back for some more Man vs Wild action.

As well as the diving and climbing, there was also the wading into the crocodile and hippo infested waters of the Zambezi - more thanks go out to the professional hunters who stood watch over us with a couple of big hippo-stopping rifles just in case.

And what a blast having our own helicopters to take us everywhere.

Also more fascinating insights into tribal life with the Tsaan tribe of Namibia - a real pleasure to see them at work.

We've made a couple of really special programs for the 2nd series - look out for it starting at Easter with the Everest paramotor special on C4.

2008 has kicked off in great style after last Decembers Ethiopia trip. Here's looking forward to whatever else it may bring!