"I've received a number of great jobs through Expedition Media. What sticks in my mind is those production staff calling, saying what a "gold mine" Expedition Media is for them. I get work, they save time - everyone's happy!"

Lloyd Williamson - Sound Recordist

"Expedition Media has been a great resource in finding sound recordists for Trawlermen 4. Most of the freelancers listed on the website were experienced in working on boats and extreme weather conditions and relished the opportunity to work on our series. The site also assisted in our search of shooting PD's and AP's by releasing news of positions available on the series - again we had a great response."

BBC - Stella Stylianos

"I had been on Expedition Media for less than a week and immediately received two enquiries, one of which means I am now spending a whole month filming in beautiful locations all over Australia!"

Jo Melling - Fixer

"If I'm crewing for a tough foreign assignment or hostile environment shoot then for me there is no better option than Expedition Media. All members have in common a professionalism and toughness that make them ideal for any job, no matter how challenging. Not only that but the experience they bring to a production is a massive benefit in the planning stages as well. Add the fact they tend to be rather nice people as well, it's a one stop shop for success!"

Rupert Smith - Series Producer/Director

"If you're in a challenging environment you want the best people around you. Its easy to smile on camera when everyone else behind the lens is managing to smile too!"

Steve Leonard - Presenter & Vet

""Expedition Media has been an excellent marketing tool for me and it's great to be classified with the quality professionals listed on the site. I always feel more than confident recommending Expedition Media to clients. If you're looking for adventure film crews, then look no further!" "

Mark Warmington - Cameraman

"The immediate sense of security I felt on meeting Expedition Media to discuss the most daunting project I had ever been asked to production manage was well-founded. Three PDs ,three HD crews, medic support team and technical kit supply company, all of them Expedition Media members, taught me so much about filming in remote and hostile environments, and I was amazed at how resilient and permanently cheerful they all were, even when the going got very, very tough. They clearly thrive where most of us would fear to tread! :- "Hottest Place on Earth" BBC/ Discovery. "

Tricia Chacon, Production Manager

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