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Dry Bag no.1 (30 litre with clear side) - Nightime sleep kit in 30 litre dry bag.

Quantity Item Tick
1 Fleece sleeping bag.
1 Sleeping bag (1 season) if based at altitude.
1 Wash kit, including foot powder, wet wipes and tiger balm.
1 Travel towel (large).
1 Pair of Gortex socks.
1 Long sleeved t-shirt.
1 Pair lightweight shorts.
1 Jungle hammock.
1 Mosquito net (treated with repellant).
1 Squash ball cut in half and each piece split to fit on hammock cords to stop rain trickling into your bed.
1 Toilet roll.
2 Silica gel packs.

Main Bag - include all three dry bags listed below.

Quantity Item Tick
1 Water resistant PVC - coated holdall/rucksack - 85 litre.
1 Passport/ID (include copies of important documents - air tickets/ filming permits. Keep in waterproof pouch.
1 Personal medical supplies (such as malaria tablets) in 15 litre dry bag.
1 Long sleeved, UV protective lightweight shirt.
1 Lightweight, quick drying trousers.
1 Pair trekking socks.
1 Pair of liner socks.
1 Pair of lycra shorts (helps avoid chaffing).
1 Pair of jungle boots - US Army issue (Altama brand).
1 Basha / waterproof shelter, for hammock.
1 Ground sheet.
1 Paracord (approx 10 metres).
3 Bungee cords.

Dry bag no.2 (30 litre with clear side) - Fresh clothing.

Quantity Item Tick
2 Long sleeved, UV protective lightweight shirt.
2 Pair trekking socks.
2 Pair of liner socks.
2 Pairs of underwear.
1 Swimwear.
1 Pair of shorts.
1 T-shirt.
2 Silica gel packs.

Dry bag no.3 - 15 litre with clear side (Going home kit. You never know if you will have time to wash your other kit).

Quantity Item Tick
1 T-shirt.
1 Pair of trousers.
1 Pair of underwear.
1 Pair of socks.
2 Silica gel packs.

Day sack

Quantity Item Tick
1 Rucksack with light air mesh back - 25 litre (including pack cover).
1 30 litre dry bag as ruck sack liner.
1 Communications - Sat phone, mobile, VHF radio.
1 Emergency contact numbers (laminated).
1 Basic first aid kit.
1 Maps/ GPS - key locations marked with grid reference.
1 Compass.
1 GPS device.
1 Roll of trail marking tape.
1 Water bladder (Camelbak) ,1.5 litre.
1 Water bottle ,1 litre. Good for using to purify water supply.
1 Bottle of iodine drops or alternative water purification device.
1 Pack of water flavour tablets.
1 Head torch with spare batteries.
1 Machete - source locally on arrival.
1 Penknife or Leatherman multi tool.
1 Whistle.
3 Energy bars/snacks/Maynards Sours.
2 Days medical supplies, such as malaria tablets.
1 Pair of fingerless, suede leather-palmed gloves.
1 Antiseptic hand sterilising gel.
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Top Tips

Spread the risk!

Divide your medical supplies into two dry bags in case of loss or damage to the bag.

Never be tempted to wear your dry kit out of your hammock. This is your one bit of comfort each day and nothing properly dries out in the jungle! Men: Dramatically reduce your shaving, as cuts to the face can be susceptible to infection.

Keep your bags closed when not in use, otherwise you may find some unwanted creepy crawlies making your bags, their new home.

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