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Main Kit

Quantity Item Tick
1 Holdall (85 litre) - PVC coated & splash proof.
1 Passport/ID (include important documents - filming permits etc). Store in sealed waterproof bag.
1 Communications: Sat phone/mobile/VHF Radio + emergency contact details (laminated).
1 Local currency (+ US dollars & credit card).
1 First Aid Kit (incl. sea sickness tablets & rehydration sachets).
1 Personal medication (such as malaria tablets).
1 Wash kit (incl. foot powder, Dettol soap & wet wipes).
1 Antiseptic hand gel.
1 Travel towel (large).
2 Fleece - light weight & heavy duty.
3 Cotton t-shirts.
3 Pairs of underwear (+ thermals if in cold climate).
3 Warm socks (quick dry).
1 Pair of shorts (quick dry).
2 Pair of trousers - lightweight (quick dry) & warm.
1 Swimwear (+ swimming goggles).
1 Wet weather jacket (fully waterproof, Gortex & wind stopper) with hood.
1 Waterproof trousers.
1 Insulated, warm coat (colder climates) with hood & high collar.
1 Pair of boating shoes (wellington boots if required).
1 Pair of sandals - preferably with toe guard.
1 Sailing gloves (fingerless always useful).
1 Cap/warm headwear (adjustable fitting useful with windy conditions).
1 Dry bag (22 litre) - with dry clothes.
1 Dry bag (100+ litre) - useful for quickly covering kit in bad weather.
1 UV protective sunglasses (with neck tie).
1 P20 (one application) suncream.
1 Lip balm (SPF 20+).
3 Karabiners (various sizes).
2 Bungee cords (heavy duty).
1 Paracord (approx 10 metres).
1 Wetsuit (if required) - thickness dependant on climate.
1 Rash vest.
1 Wet suit booties (preferably split toe).
1 Roll of gaffer (duck) tape.
4 Silica gel packs.
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Top Tips

Splash Proof!

Even the most experienced suffer from sea sickness, do not be afraid to take medication to get you through it.

Safety on board in such an unstable environment is paramount. Remember to stow equipment securely and take personal care while on deck.

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