Wolfgang Knoepfler

Wolfgang Knoepfler

Wolfgang Knoepfler

Wolfgang Knoepfler

D.O.B. 10 / 05 / 1962
Nationality: Austrian
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Professional information

Environments Experienced



Ki- Swahilli

HSE Qualifications

H&S; on Factual Productions - PACT Course
Survival at Sea- 2 day course
H&S; on Factual Productions - trained at Granada Bristol.

Other Skills

I have worked on location in 46 countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe

Broadcast Production Credits

The Great Rift Valley - WNET, ORF, NDR, WDR - Cosmos Factory
Could you eat an Elephant - Channel4 - Keo Films
Human Journey - Out of Africa - BBC2 - BBC Vision
Beyond Boundaries 3 - BBC2 - Diverse Bristol Ltd
Beyond Boundaries 2 - BBC2 - Diverse Bristol Ltd
Beyond Boundaries 1 - BBC2 - Diverse Bristol Ltd
Mission Africa - BBC1 - Diverse Bristol Ltd
Vikings Boat Race - Channel 4, History Channel - Diverse Bristol Ltd
Deep Jungle - National Geographich, ITV, WNET, France5 - Granada Bristol
The Future is Wild - Animal Planet, Discovery, BBC, ORF, ZDF, DeaPlane - The Future is Wild Ltd.
The Ancient Amazon - Canal+, ORF, ZDF - epo-film
The Magic Trees of Assam - BBC, ORF, Canal+, ZDF - epo-film and free spirit films
The lost mines of the Pharaohs - ORF, ZDF, Canal+ - epo-film and free spirit films
Swimmers in the Desert - Theatrical release - epo-film and kurt mayer film
Automat Kalashnikov - Channel 4 - engstfeld film

Contact details

Mobile: +264(0)81 355 5931
Tel. 1: +264(0)61 305 199
Tel. 2: +264(0)61 221 337

Visas and Medical


Resident Permit for Namibiavalid till: 2022-04-18


Diphtheriavalid till: 2022-03-01
Hepatitis Avalid till: 2022-03-01
Hepatitis Bvalid till: 2022-03-01
Poliovalid till: 2021-12-01
Typhoidvalid till: 2021-12-01
Yellow Fevervalid till: 2021-12-01
Rabiesvalid till: 2022-03-01


Reference 1

Name:  Rob MacIver
Job title:  Head of Diverse Bristol Ltd.

Reference 2

Name:  Paul Reddish
Job title:  Series Producer

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