Nat Geo weekend of my shows!

This weekend (19th Feb) see two different programmes I've shot go out.

Firstly on Friday and Saturday - depending on where you are in the world - the clumsily titled 'Access 360 World Heritage - Kilimanjaro' goes out. This follows endurance runner Simon Mtuy as he organises a race around Kilimanjaro, a climate scientist who climbs Kili to monitor the weather and an elephant scientist working on the savannah to save elephants. This on National Geographic Channel, on Saturday in the UK and Friday in the US.



On Monday, in the US at least, is 'Monster Croc Hunt' on Nat Geo Wild. This is the story of Lolong, the largest croc in captivity in the world. He was pulled from marshes in the Philippines after he had started to eat people. He's now in a zoo and we measured him for The Guinness Book of Records.


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