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The following kit guide has been designed by Expedition Media and its members with experience in this challenging environment. Personal and technical equipment is listed which can make your adventure more comfortable and help achieve your goals on location.

The desert presents many challenges and surprisingly, it\'s not just the possibility of extreme heat. After dark, temperatures can plummet by 25 degrees. Be diligent in keeping bags sealed and precious equipment covered as the desert sand is omnipresent!

Please note: All Expedition Media Travel Kit Guides are based on a three week expedition. Some items will need to be re-packed for travel, according to travel regulations .

Main Kit Bag

Quantity Item Tick
1 Rucksack/PVC Holdall (85 litre).
1 Passport/ID (include important documents - air tickets/filming permits etc).
1 First Aid Kit (incl. hydration sachets, imodium & mosquito repellant).
1 Personal medication (such as malaria tablets).
1 Wash kit (incl. foot powder, Dettol soap & wet wipes).
1 Antiseptic hand gel.
1 Travel towel (large).
1 Fleece.
2 Shirts - long sleeved, lightweight & UV protective.
2 Cotton t-shirts (loose fitting).
2 Pairs of shorts - one lightweight & one heavy duty (cargo).
3 Pairs of underwear.
3 Pairs of liner socks.
3 Pairs of lightweight trekking socks.
1 Pair of trousers - lightweight & loose fitting.
1 Sandals (preferably with toe guard).
1 US Army desert boots - Altama brand).
1 Dry bag (22 litre) - with sand free travel home clothes.
1 Dry bag (100+ litre) - always useful for quickly covering kit from sand storm.
3 Karabiners (various sizes).
2 Bungee cords (heavy duty).
1 Paracord (approx 10 metres).
1 Tent - lightweight (to store kit, if too hot to sleep in).
1 Camping mat (Thermarest).
1 Mosquito net (preferably DEET treated).
1 Sleeping bag - comfort rating to 0 deg.C (deserts can get very cold at night).
1 Silk sleeping bag liner - for hot nights.
1 Camping stove - with lighter/matches/firestick.
1 Mug & eating utensils.
1 Food treats (tea bags, tabasco & marmite etc) - store in sealed tupperware box.
1 Spare torch (+ spare batteries).

Day Sack

Quantity Item Tick
1 Rucksack (day sack) with light air mesh back system - 25 litre.
1 Passport/ID (copies of important documents - filming permits etc).
1 Local currency (+ US dollars & credit card).
1 Emergency contact list (laminated).
1 Communication kit (Sat Phone/mobile/VHF Radio).
1 Basic First Aid Kit (include hydration sachets & mosquito repellant).
4 Required medication (such as malaria tablets).
1 Ski goggles (for sand storms).
1 UV protective sunglasses (with neck tie).
1 Sun protection headwear - shemagh (head scarf).
1 P20 (one application) suncream.
1 Gel-filled neck cooler.
1 Water purification kit (iodine drops/pump).
1 1 litre water bottle for mixing water purification.
1 1.5 litre water bladder (Camelbak) Note: water flavour tablets available.
4 Snacks - energy bars/nuts/Maynards Sours.
1 Pen knife/Leatherman multi-tool.
1 Compass & map.
1 Head torch (+ spare batteries).
1 Toilet roll.
1 Small collapsible umbrella - instant sunshade.
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Deserts can present huge problems for the unprepared. Often lethally hot in the day and lethally cold at night. Shade, rehydration and UV protection are just the start. Underfoot the terrain can vary from energy sapping sand to ankle breaking rocks. Keeping kit clean is a mission by itself with dust and sand blown everywhere. Bring a hat. I love deserts, me.

Steve Leonard - Presenter & Vet

Top Tips

The Key To Desert Survival

Never underestimate just how much water you need to keep drinking. This could be as much as 10 litres of water per day. When working in a team, adopt the buddy system - keeping a close eye on one another. As with all environments, be prepared for the unexpected. In the desert, sand storms can strike at anytime!

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